iMathWays™ is the Mathematics platform for microcontentcourses. It presently contains approximately 220 microcontentcourses™ with varying subject matter ranging from Understanding Fractions as a functionally specific area to more advanced areas of mathematical problem solving such as Understanding Exponential Functions and Understanding Tangents, Velocities and Other Rates of Change. This approach removes the general supposition of sub-subject emphasis as an overall component of Mathematics instruction. If a student does not achieve adequate understanding in the classroom, microcontentcourses provide 45-60 minutes of instruction as well as practice lessons, examples, printable handouts and assessments to ensure thorough engagement with the subject matter. Our system creates an opportunity for "microized" or "drilled down" focus and specificity in teaching and learning that revolutionizes education support resources.

Each microcontentcourse™ is built to bring in-depth understanding of every subject and sub-subject area. Prerequisites are showcased within the framework of the resource and suggestions are articulated as to possible follow-up courses or the system may suggest further review of the present resource based on quiz and assessment outcomes.

The goal is focused and concentrated subject and sub-subject mastery. Repetition, ease of use and convenience combine for a level of fluidity in learning that will support the learner's objectives no matter what grade level they may be presently performing at. Microcontentcourses™ are non-intimidating and are meant to supplement and compliment both traditional and non-traditional classroom instruction.

Microcontentcourses™ are not meant to be a replacement for classroom instruction. We are not a school. We are a education resource meant to support the learner's knowledge, understanding and ultimately utilization of core concepts. This is the space where innovation lives.

For more information on microcontentcourses™, please contact the staff at eduocity™.

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