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Welcome to Coredoor


Mission is to be

Consequential to 

Every K-12


Hello and Welcome to COREDOOR (pronounced corridor). CoreDoor represents your introduction to Microcontentcourses.

Microcontentcourses are web-based content driven learning tools delivered in an ebook format. Microcontentcourses are curriculum and subject matter based resources designed to enhance learner outcomes. Utilizing the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) criteria, our patent-pending system adjust to compliment, supplement and support the learning styles and characteristics of all learners. Microcontentcourses take traditional models of curriculum design and instruction and incorporate the vast capabilities of interactive technology to create the one presence. 

​Microcontententcourses are offered in more than 1000 subject and sub-subject areas of English, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics.

  • iSpeakSense for English
  • iMathways for Mathematics
  • iSciWays for Science, and
  • ​iStudySocial for Social Studies

Our mission is to be consequential to every K-12 learner. To support that effort, we have incorporated aesthetic, cultural and multicultural learning and education strategies within microcontentcourses to ensure relevance, substance and intrinsic value. 

Microcontentcourses take all the substantive elements of a traditional classroom environment and presents them within an ebook. Instruction, PowerPoints, handouts, and assessments are synthesized with technology to provide and enable sign language, text-to-speech, language conversion and machine learning to create the most innovative and comprehensive learning support system ever created.

Microcontentcourses are meant to be subject matter focused and content specific. 

​Microcontentcourses provide an ease of use and familiarity that the learning becomes a natural outgrowth. Learners have no need to fear or be intimidated by the content because we work meticulously to ensure learners leave microcontentcourses better. It is our goal to create "The Practical Learner". What is the "Practical Learner"? Well, "The Better Learner" Additionally, we believe every tool and resource available must be paramount in order to ensure the best opportunity for every child to achieve and succeed.

​We are presently partnering with school districts, principals, parents, students, home schoolers and scholars to bring the very best in both content and availability to learners. ​

Ask your school district administrators about coredoor and ask how your learner can obtain access to microcontentcourses.